Motivational training and team building by Corporal Nauyokas – on site and off site – custom made to your individual or group requirements and suitable for almost any age!

How We Help

Not All Bad provide motivational training courses through mental, physical and self-awareness challenges aimed at encouraging the participant to push themselves and recognise their full potential, whilst enhancing team spirit and increasing self-confidence.

We provide a range of courses to allow us to focus on the desired outcome of the organisation

Youth Mentoring

Working alongside various government and local councils, Not All Bad courses are ideal for any groups that deal with youths both male and female. Some of the courses run at Not All Bad cater specifically for young people who have lost a sense of direction, have been in trouble, or simply need to gain self-respect and confidence to open their eyes and see their full potential, encouraging them by showing the best way to take the right road in life.

Some children and young adults simply need a unique and specialised manner to help them realise their true potenial and to give them a kick-start in life and their environment.  Working alongside government and educational departments we have helped young people across the UK.