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Where can I plug my phone charger in?

Oasby village hosted the first Not All Bad residential of August 2010.  Eight wary lads and one gutsy girl from Sheffield IIP emerged from the minibus unsure of what the weekend was to bring.  All settled in well and quickly got into the swing of things.  The first night saw all sleeping (badly) under self designed and erected bivies. Sleep deprivation made for cranky campers but to give them credit they managed to overcome the overwhelming desire to lie down.  Ahh poor things I hear you say, bet they slept well the next night, I also hear you say.  Ahhh my foot, they were still awake at 2am on the second night and this time they had nice comfy tents.  Needless to say they all got plenty of fresh air, learned a lot about themselves, Connor above all and took on board NAB objectives, especially Ben our best student.  All arrived home feeling very grateful for the basics that we all take for granted, chiefly electricity for their mobile phone chargers.