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Not All Bad on Calender News

 Not All Bad entered HMP/YOI Doncaster for the first time this year to take the staff through their paces rather than the inmates.  Gymnasium gurus Andy Peace and Ian Straw organised for Nooky and the Not All Bad Team to beast a group of 20 staff in aid of the Valindra NHS Trust.  Staff were sponsored to stick it out for the full 24 hours.  And to their credit that is what they did, all of them, furthermore their numbers included the top three in the prison and their local MP.  Nooky, Pete, Chris and Mark ensured every moment was stressful and agonising.

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Even watching them try to  get their heads down for a couple of hours made us giggle.  But the highlight has to have been their wake up call.  It was class, even making me jump and I was ready for it.  Anyway as you can imagine, Not All Bad staff had a very enjoyable time.