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Water, water everywhere….

August is supposed to be sunny guys.  Well if you’d been out with us a couple of unexpecteded downpours, and I mean downpours, on Nottingham IIP provided more than one refreshing soaking although ‘Gedge’, especially, seemed to thoroughly enjoy it.  Water, water everywhere…. But this didn’t detract from a very agreeable weekend.  There was some debate on whether the badger was a plant but our wander around the farm and badger pit the next day seemed to bring it all into perspective.  The rain really wanted to make its present’s apparent so on the morning of the last day we stopped fighting it and just went with it.  The guys and girl had great fun raft building and kayaking, at Rutland Water, although it was a bit too cold for Jack.  The last challenge there, was a high ropes confidence course, led by our very own ‘Kung Fu Panda’.  Excellent effort was put in by all although a special mention must go out to Ash, for overcoming his fears, and Mark who also overcame his fear to make it all the way around.  This ended the course on a literal and rhetoric high with the coveted best student ‘dog tags’ going to a deserved Dillon, well done!!!