Boot Camps

Motivational training and team building by Corporal Nauyokas – on site and off site – custom made to your individual or group requirements and suitable for almost any age!

Boot Camps

Boot Camps are completely under canvas encompass a motivational training programme based around a series of progressive mental, physical and self-awareness challenges to encourage participants to recognise their full potential and the consequences of their actions and decisions. 

Programmes aim to instil and increase an individual’s

  • team/community spirit
  • self discipline
  • tolerance
  • self esteem/worth
  • self confidence

while helping them to grow and prosper, enhancing their employability and social awareness and subsequently allowing a more solid integration/growth into/within their local community. 

Not All Bad have scheduled three boot camps, one for Easter and two for the summer aimed at 14 to 17 year olds looking for a bit of a challenge.  Camps have a military feel and, as well as looking at the attributes mentioned above, they also aim to help an individual identify what he is good at and what activities he/she enjoys.  Each afternoon will see us having a taste of different outdoor/adventurous activities.  Please be aware all participants must be volunteers and willing to have a go, albeit with our special blend of motivation and persuasion

Download Boot Camp brochure here