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Hey, hey, we in at Littlehey!
Our first public prison but, fingers crossed, hopefully not our last. Well what can I say! Our first venture into a prison service run establishment and a real eye opener. That said even with the restricted timings, a great bunch of guys eventually paraded on day 3 and a different but equally great bunch of guys paraded on day 5. And we had lovely cakes thank you, twice – yum yum

No ID, No Entry…
December 2010 saw the first of six proposed visits to HMP/YOI Peterborough and Not All Bad’s first workshop on the male side. A very successful day was had by all, well except Pete who even with a great amount of cajouling wasn’t allowed in (note to self – bank cards are not recognised forms of picture ID). Miraculously, without assistance, Nooky still managed to keep to the programme, well almost, and added diversity by including a wheelchair bound candidate in every activity.

February 2011 saw us back but this time on the female side and Pete remembered his ID this time so had his first experience of Peterborough. Even though candidates were pulled in from all corners to fill the workshop, another great day was had by all. And well done Pete for putting that 12 x 24 up unaided.

Northern distractions!!
Newcastle IIP, in October, saw Not All Bad travel it’s furthest north to date.

Day one was for the under 14s where we devised a programme of tasks and activities to stretch their teamwork and individual qualities. Some enjoyed the day but, we’ll be honest, not all as unfortunately we had not calculated for added distractions.

Day two for the over 14s was more successful especially when those just there to cause trouble were escorted home. Our best sudent, Kyle, and a couple of others claimed they got a lot from the day and would be very interested in attending a residential course.

Fit 4 Life
September saw Nooky motivating a small group of Sleafordian ladies to change their eating and fitness regimes. After an hour or so in his care, they all agreed they felt inspired and ready to tackle the next 12 weeks of the Fit for Life programme, funded by North Kesteven County Council and run by Debbie Chessum.

A new site for all

Where can I plug my phone charger in?

Oasby village hosted the first Not All Bad residential of August 2010. Eight wary lads and one gutsy girl from Sheffield IIP emerged from the minibus unsure of what the weekend was to bring. All settled in well and quickly got into the swing of things. The first night saw all sleeping (badly) under self designed and erected bivies. Sleep deprivation made for cranky campers but to give them credit they managed to overcome the overwhelming desire to lie down. Ahh poor things I hear you say, bet they slept well the next night, I also hear you say. Ahhh my foot, they were still awake at 2am on the second night and this time they had nice comfy tents. Needless to say they all got plenty of fresh air, learned a lot about themselves, Connor above all and took on board NAB objectives, especially Ben our best student. All arrived home feeling very grateful for the basics that we all take for granted, chiefly electricity for their mobile phone chargers.

Water, water everywhere….
August is supposed to be sunny guys. Well if you’d been out with us a couple of unexpecteded downpours, and I mean downpours, on Nottingham IIP provided more than one refreshing soaking although ‘Gedge’, especially, seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. Water, water everywhere…. But this didn’t detract from a very agreeable weekend. There was some debate on whether the badger was a plant but our wander around the farm and badger pit the next day seemed to bring it all into perspective. The rain really wanted to make its present’s apparent so on the morning of the last day we stopped fighting it and just went with it. The guys and girl had great fun raft building and kayaking, at Rutland Water, although it was a bit too cold for Jack. The last challenge there, was a high ropes confidence course, led by our very own ‘Kung Fu Panda’. Excellent effort was put in by all although a special mention must go out to Ash, for overcoming his fears, and Mark who also overcame his fear to make it all the way around. This ended the course on a literal and rhetoric high with the coveted best student ‘dog tags’ going to a deserved Dillon, well done!!!

Not All Bad on Calender News
Not All Bad entered HMP/YOI Doncaster for the first time this year to take the staff through their paces rather than the inmates. Gymnasium gurus Andy Peace and Ian Straw organised for Nooky and the Not All Bad Team to beast a group of 20 staff in aid of the Valindra NHS Trust. Staff were sponsored to stick it out for the full 24 hours. And to their credit that is what they did, all of them, furthermore their numbers included the top three in the prison and their local MP. Nooky, Pete, Chris and Mark ensured every moment was stressful and agonising.

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Even watching them try to get their heads down for a couple of hours made us giggle. But the highlight has to have been their wake up call. It was class, even making me jump and I was ready for it. Anyway as you can imagine, Not All Bad staff had a very enjoyable time.

How to start the new year..
Early February saw Nooky and Charlotte venture into the west midlands for a one day workshop with the Walsall Intensive Intervention Project. This is our first encounter and all seemed to get something from the day, even our illustrious leader. The overall feedback was positive and was summed up by one of the organisers; ‘Thank you for yesterday’s workshop. All the young people’s feedback was very positive and they enjoyed the day very much.’ Hopefully the start of another successful partnership.

give respect, get respect –youth matters (Walsall IIP motto)
Not All Bad latest: new contract with YOI
Our first course at Ashfield has happened – Dec 09 – and the feedback is in.

It was a really good challenge for all Not All Bad staff involved and the parade at the end of the third day even brought a tear into Nooky’s eye.  The guys really made themselves and us proud, from perfect footwork to complete concentration, even with the barrage on the windows surrounding the square.

Feedback from the candidates and prison staff was all positive with comments from ‘Learned to respect staff and other YPs and learned to be a man’ to ‘All I can say is I really enjoyed it and I do recommend it to anybody else and thanks for my opportunity at doing it’.  The only negative points were really a few admin issues which are straight forward enough to iron out for next time.