Motivational training and team building by Corporal Nauyokas – on site and off site – custom made to your individual or group requirements and suitable for almost any age!

Client Feedback

More focused, confident and respectful young people have emerged with self belief and an ability to apply self discipline skills.  A4e Pontypridd – Jul 2005

The day is full of fun and a key learning Motivator. It creates a memorable day that the learners talk about for a long time after the event.  Fareport Training – Feb 2006

Taking part in Not All Bad Ltd’s motivational days has had a profound effect towards rehabiliation for this group of lads and they were convinced that those who had done the course were far less likely to re-offend.  HMP/YOI Doncaster – Jul 2008

This is so special for the teenagers as they can really look up to Richard and use him as a role model, especially as he grew up here.  This is a really positive example of what can be achieved by working together.  Schemes such as this will go a long way to keeping young people who live under difficult circumstances out of the criminal just ice system.  Earlesfield Estate Project – Jul 2008

‘I feel that this kind of experience is of huge benefit to the young people that we work with enabling them to build their self esteem, confidence, self worth and respect for themselves and others’.  Fareham Locality Team – Aug 09

Thank you for yesterday, it was an excellent day.  HMP Peterborough – Nov 2009

  • YPs got a sense of worth from the course; they were tested to not react with anger or violence.
  • Well structured.
  • Good response of students to staff.
  • Good to see the interaction between NAB staff and students.  Also saw a different attitude with the YPs and Ashfield staff who assisted.
  • NAB staff relationship with students very good, especially the way they dealt with minor conflicts. 

HMP/YOI Ashfield – Dec 2009

“great fun doing the tasks”  “was excellent all in all”  “a fun way to put you at ease on your first week”  “I found the session very good, it was fun, and not intimidating at all, worried for nothing”  “brilliant idea on the inclusion of Nooky – good motivation knowing he’ll be back in 12 weeks”  “really enjoyed the morning – a great start for the course”  “felt very positive and motivated after the session, looking forward to this 12 weeks”  Fit For Life (North Kesteven) – Jan 2010

Many thanks for yesterday. The feedback was very positive.  Walsall IIP -Feb 2010

I think in terms of the work that we do with individuals this is a very good, complimentary day, and I’m pleased with the learning outcomes that it touched on such as lateral thinking, planning, consequences, team work , motivation etc……. Nottingham IIP – Mar 2010

The boys thoroughly enjoyed the day and were telling the others that went out what a good day they had missed!  It was a really successful day and got boys working together happily who usually are bullying each other.  It was really nice to see the yr 7s happy to engage with the older ones and vice versa.  Lord Wilson School – Jan & Mar 2010

The feedback from the student groups was that they valued your input and many recognised the worth to them.  The staff have been very complimentary about NAB and would like to explore working together to integrate your input to our students again in future.  Charter Academy (Portsmouth) – Apr 2010

Candidate Feedback (HMP & YOIs)

‘The course was brilliant I felt a different man after doing the course’.   ‘The Team Building exercises were brilliant, it made me understand that working together we can achieve more’.  ‘ The drill was great. I really thought I did well and that along with the instructors comments made me more motivated  to everyone I could do it’.   ‘Not All Bad helped me enjoy life again after being suppressed for months’.  Prisoners HMP/YOI Doncaster – May 2008

‘One of the key learning points for me was communicating with others even though we didn’t see eye to eye’.   ‘I learned never to give up and be confident about myself.  Also I can do anything if I give myself goals’.  ‘ Drill has taught me to be more patient with myself and others’.   ‘The course showed me I’ve got an inner belief that I can complete things’.   ‘I really enjoyed the lateral thinking as it taught me that things are not always as they seem’.   ‘The course taught me to stand back and think things through and work as a team’.   ‘I found it all very useful and I would like to go on to take an Open University course in councelling in order to work with young people on my release’.   ‘I learnt that sometimes I just need to keep my mouth shut.’   ‘A key learning point for me was the way I learned to compromise with other inmates’.    ‘I thought I would be looked down on by others because of my size but I kept up and everyone encouraged me’.   Prisoners HMP/YOI Doncaster – Jan to Oct 2009

‘The Not All Bad team are great instructors and taught me a lot, but most of all they taught me I can change and do anything I put me mind to’.   ‘I think there should be a wing like this here because people would definitely think before coming back to prison’.   ‘The course showed me I can work in a team and have self discipline’.  HMP/YOI Ashfield – May 10

‘It was exciting and challenged me in many aspects.  It taught me to listen to others and value people’s opinions’.   ‘I most liked working together with my team mates and just taking part in general’.   ‘It was all really beneficial and loved every part of it’.   ‘It gave us teamwork skills and confidence in the future’.  HMP/YOI Peterborough (Women’s) – Oct 09

Candidate Feedback

‘All of it opens your eyes on what the real world is about’.  ‘ Finding out other people have had even harder backgrounds than me but have still made a good life for themselves’.  A4e Stockton – Nov 07 to Feb 08

‘Nooky  made that change which made me make that change so thanks now I look at life differently, in a positive way’.  Charter Academy Portsmouth – Apr 10

‘It teaches you that you can work in a team and you can achieve anything in life’.   ‘I found the whole day to be useful, enjoyable and fun.  I really enjoyed myself’.   ‘We all worked together and I learnt that you can achieve whatever you want if you try hard enough’.   ‘I learnt that work can also be fun’.  ‘ The more you plan the easier things are’.   ‘I learnt how to discuss a problem and solve it without a fight’.   ‘I really enjoyed the day because it showed me that I’m not a bad person and it inspired me to be more active’.  Fareport Training – 2007 to 2009

‘Today has made me realise what I need to do with my life and now’.   ‘It was really good and I felt that I learned a lot’.  ‘Learning that a bad day is never such a bad day as I have to look around me to realise what I have and what I can achieve’.   ’I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole day and will take away the experience with the thought in mind that I can achieve what I want’.   ‘The key points for me were building my self esteem and confidence’.  Harrogate – 2008 to 2010

‘How to boost my confidence and to communicate with people’.   ‘Never give up and keep on trying’.   ‘I really enjoyed it and I want to do it again but for longer’.   ‘I learned to work as a team, concentrate and let other people help as well’.  ‘I learned that I can put up with people even if I don’t really get on with them’.  South Kesteven Go For It – Feb 09

‘I could improve myself by swearing less and I would really like to do a three day course’.   ‘I found everything we did useful for something’.  Lincolnshire Community Safety – Mar 09

‘It was something different and a good experience for everyone’.   ‘I now realise that planning saves loads of time’.  ‘Very enjoyable course which I learned a lot from’.  Lincoln City Football Club – Jul 09

‘The key learning points for me were to give respect and work as a team’.   ‘Working in a group is better than working on your won’.  Sheffield Intensive Intervention Project – Oct 09