Offender Training

Motivational training and team building by Corporal Nauyokas – on site and off site – custom made to your individual or group requirements and suitable for almost any age!

Offender Training

Offender training conducted within the secure unit’s perimeter usually on the astro turf during the day  where the participants perform a number of tasks and activities focusing on teamwork and tolerance.  The evenings are spent in the gymnasium or other large room, where  the programme continues.         All participants and Not All Bad personnel sleep in said gymnasium and start again bright and early next morning.  Training usually lasts for three days and two nights, but this is completely negotiable, cumulating in a drill parade where the participants demonstrate their achievements to prison staff and permitted visitors.

Programmes aim to instil and increase an individual’s

  • tolerance
  • self discipline
  • team spirit
  • self esteem/worth
  • self confidence

while helping them to realize their potential and helping a more solid integration into their community.

Download our Offender Training brochure here